Bangla Help!

Hello Viewer,
Welcome to Help Page. is a Bangla Unicode (utf-8) compatible website designed to give ultimate user experience. Even if you can’t see properly or you don’t have Bangla keyboard installed don’t be worried, we are here to guide you through so that you can view Bangla website.


Option 1

  • We recommend user to install Solaiman Lipi (Bengali Unicode Font) for optimized viewing experience.

    Click here to Download Solaiman Lipi Font


  • Copy it and Go to C:\Windows\fonts Click Mouse right button then click PASTE


Option 2


  • To view Bengali you need to install Windows complex script to view complex Asian characters like Bengali. To install complex script Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language, and check (tickmark) the “Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages” option. You will need your Windows XP SP2CD to install these new files. or Click here to Download.



অভিনন্দন, আপনি এখন বাংলা পড়ার জন্য প্রস্তুত!


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